Case Study
June 3, 2020

Joseph General Maintenance's Project Delivery for Emarat Petrol: Transforming Signage with Custom LED Screens

This case study showcases our role in the Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab project, a testament to our team's capabilities in scaling our services and accommodating diverse BIM needs. Starting with a small drywall package, we gradually expanded our scope, providing BIM modeling services for a multitude of elements including architecture, structure, interior design, and joinery for both the main contractor and multiple subcontractors.


Joseph General Maintenance, a prominent player in the signage and branding industry, recently completed a successful project for Emarat Petrol, a leading fuel station and convenience store chain in the UAE. The collaboration aimed to enhance Emarat's brand visibility and create new revenue streams through the installation of innovative custom LED screens. This case study delves into the details of the project, highlighting the challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the overall impact of Joseph General Maintenance’s work for Emarat Petrol.

Client Background: Emarat Petrol

Emarat Petrol is a well-established brand in the UAE's fuel and convenience store industry. With numerous outlets across the region, Emarat Petrol is known for its commitment to quality, customer service, and continuous innovation. The company sought to elevate its brand presence and engage customers through visually appealing and interactive signage solutions.

Identifying the Need for Custom LED Screens

Recognizing the growing demand for digital signage solutions in the UAE, Emarat Petrol approached Joseph General Maintenance to revamp their existing signage infrastructure. The objective was to replace traditional static signs with dynamic LED screens capable of displaying captivating visuals, promotional content, and real-time updates. This upgrade would not only enhance the customer experience but also provide Emarat Petrol with additional revenue streams through advertising opportunities.

Collaborative Design and Planning

Joseph General Maintenance initiated a collaborative design process with Emarat Petrol to understand their branding guidelines, objectives, and site-specific requirements. The team worked closely with Emarat Petrol's marketing and operations departments to ensure seamless integration of the LED screens across their petrol stations and convenience stores. A comprehensive project plan was formulated, considering factors such as screen placement, size, pixel density, and optimal viewing angles.

Custom LED Screen Installation

Joseph General Maintenance skilled technicians and engineers executed the installation of custom LED screens across Emarat Petrol's locations. LED screens were strategically positioned in high-visibility areas, including forecourts, canopy columns, and both indoor and outdoor spaces within the convenience stores. Rigorous testing and quality assurance protocols were followed to ensure optimal performance, durability, and long-term maintenance.

Integration and Content Management System

To provide Emarat Petrol with flexibility and control over their digital signage, Joseph General Maintenance integrated a user-friendly content management system. This system allowed Emarat Petrol's marketing team to easily update and schedule content across all LED screens, ensuring timely and relevant messaging. The integration also enabled remote monitoring and troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and maximizing the screens' uptime.

Benefits and Results

The collaboration between Joseph General Maintenance and Emarat Petrol resulted in significant benefits for the client. The installation of custom LED screens transformed Emarat Petrol's branding approach, creating visually captivating and dynamic displays that engaged customers and increased brand visibility. The digital signage solution also provided an additional revenue stream through targeted advertising opportunities for both Emarat Petrol's promotions and external brands.
Furthermore, the LED screens improved operational efficiency by enabling real-time updates, reducing the need for manual signage changes, and allowing rapid response to market trends and customer demands. The flexibility of the content management system empowered Emarat Petrol to tailor their messaging based on location, time of day, and specific marketing campaigns.


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